7 Travel Hacks For Your Next Trip To Nainital

7 Travel Hack For Your Next Trip To Nainital

Who doesn’t enjoy travelling? Traveling is enjoyable and refreshing. However, it will necessitate the appropriate level of financial expenditure on your behalf. Planning ahead of time might help you save a lot of money while travelling. Some of the best travel hacks should be included in everyone’s vacation itinerary.

Gone are the days when traveling was a bit of a hassle. It’s that time of year when all you have to do is act smart and provide Bharat Darshan in the most spectacular way possible. Nainital would undoubtedly be a fantastic trip for you, as it has a lot to offer travellers. So, the following are some travel hacks that you should use when visiting Nainital (but works everywhere else too)to make your vacation easier, cheaper, and more convenient.

1. To save money, improve your negotiation skills.

When visiting Nainital and planning to shop, don’t forget to negotiate. People here frequently charge more when they see a tourist. So hone your haggling skills and at the very least get the price of the products down by half to save money.

P.S. This is exclusively for shopping on the street on the Mall road or any other street market. This bargaining act will not be necessary if you travel to malls with national and international brands.

2. Don’t focus on the star rating only

Don’t choose a hotel solely on the basis of its star rating; the hotels have a contract with the travel agencies.

Don’t merely choose a hotel for your stay based on the number of stars. It’s going to be your loss. The travel sites and hotels have a monopoly on generating revenue from tourists. In reality, read reviews and look at photographs of hotels before booking or call the most luxury hotels in nainital for your welcoming stay, here at Shivraj Hotels.

3. Travel Off-Season

This is the most cost-effective method of saving money. When you travel in the offseason, rates are nearly half as much, allowing you to have a great trip at a moderate cost.

4. Keep Cash

Despite the fact that Nainital is becoming a plastic money country, ATM machines are not available in small businesses such as local shops or street hawkers. As a result, keep some cash on hand in case payment becomes difficult later.

5.  Do not rely on travel agents’ brochures.

This is a ruse used by travel businesses to deceive travellers by handing out pamphlets. They don’t mention the small, free attractions that are genuinely worth visiting. So pick such places to visit and make the most of your trip.

6. Choose Public Transport

There is a lot of public transportation in Nainital that is much cheaper than cabs. Choose them since they will take you to the main location for a quarter of the price of a regular ticket

7.  Go for late-night shopping in the streets

Late evenings are the best time to go shopping, and you can get some great deals. Due to the fact that it is closing time, street vendors want to sell as much as possible, and in order to do so, they offer the greatest discounts possible. So why don’t you go ahead and get one for yourself?

Thus, these are some of the travel hacks which you must follow to have a budget-friendly trip. When in Nainital, come and stay with us at Hotel Shivraj & we will create a budget-friendly package for your staycation.

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