Lesser Known 13 Interesting Facts About Nainital

13 Interesting Facts about Nainital

Nainital, located at 1938 m above sea level, is well-known for its scenic grandeur. The British established the city in the nineteenth century. The lake district of Uttarakhand is far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Therefore, it serves as the perfect tourist destination to provide the much-needed break. Magnificent lakes and breathtaking natural beauties surround this gleaming diamond in the Himalayan treasure.

However, the town offers a variety of adventurous activities such as boating and kayaking and should not be mistaken for a peaceful haven. The Lake City of Uttarakhand is undoubtedly India’s most favored place for honeymoons because of its glittering white snow and scenic beauty.

The city offers breathtaking natural beauty and multiple adventure activities. Therefore, the tourists visit Nainital from all corners of the world. Visitors often sign-up for tour packages that include everything from shopping and grabbing quick bites of regional delicacies while walking down the narrow and lofty trails to embracing the breathtaking view of the mountains. 

Adorned with enormous lakes, this paradise is also a storehouse of fun facts and mysteries that most people are unaware of. So, we’re presenting you with some interesting facts about Nainital.

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1. Nainital is older than Jesus Christ.

Yes, you read that right. If you look far back in time, Nainital is older than Jesus. According to the ancient texts it was once known as Khadesh and the current Naini Lake was known as Tririshi Sarovar. When the three sages reached this location, they discovered no water.

Their prayers and meditations created a massive hole in the earth filled with water from Tibet’s sacred Mansarovar Lake.

2. Discovered by Peter Barron

Peter Barron, a British sugar merchant, discovered the lake in 1839. Once, during his travels, he stopped to rest in a place called Khairna, where he met a local boy, who informed him of a beautiful lake on the other side of the hill. Baron immediately wrote a memoir to put the beauty of Nainital into words, mesmerized by its beauty. When the rumors of the discovery reached the ears of British rulers, they decided to establish a colony here.

3. Naina Devi presides over Nainital 

The town Nainital gets its name from the presiding goddess, Naina Devi. Nainital is a Shakti Peeth because it is believed that the left eye of Goddess Sati fell here, which gave Naini Lake the shape of an eye.  Locals also hold an auspicious festival in honor of the goddess. 

4. Lake District of India 

Like Cumbria in the United Kingdom, Nainital is known as the Lake District of India. The town has seven freshwater lakes. Due to similarities in the climate and location with Cumbria, the Britishers were drawn here.  

5. Summer Capital of the United Province

Few people realize that under British Rule in India, Nainital served as the United Province’s summer capital to avoid the intense heat of Lucknow. The Raj Bhawan was built for the governor of the United Provinces. 

6. Home to the Oldest Golf Course in India 

The 18-hole golf course was built in 1926 and is among the country’s most historic golf courses. It has been accessible to the general public since 1994.

7. Two mall roads

Mall roads are famous in hill stations. The Nainital mall road, on the other hand, the Nainital mall road is remarkable because it comprises not one but two of them. Tallital and Mallital are typically unknown to outsiders. Talli means lower in the native Kumaoni language, and Malli means higher. Hence the region below the Lake is known as Tallital, and the part above it is known as Mallital. The Upper Mall Road was built exclusively for British residents, and the Lower Mall Road was designed for Indians.

8. Nainital has its private rain

Sounds unusual, right? But that is indeed true. Nainital receives rains practically every noon because it has a lake in the northern end.

9. All religions in one place

In Nainital, there is a really rare sight. A masjid, a gurudwara, a mandir, and a church are located within a one-kilometer radius. The villagers welcome visitors of all faiths and communities. Also, each religious festival is celebrated as per its customs.

10. Offers the best Kumaon food

Gleaming atop in the Kumaon region, Nainital is where you want to visit to taste traditional Kumaon food. The readily available delicacies vary from Chudkani, Bal Mithai, Bhattiya, Guatras, Mattha, and much more. No tourist can leave the city unsatisfied after grabbing a bite of traditional yet succulent delicacies of the Himalayas.

11. The Unsatisfied Desire

The British wished to connect Nainital with the India Railway network. Surveys found that Nainital was susceptible to landslides, necessitating specialized technologies. However, the ambition of connecting Nainital and Kathgodam by rail never came true because India attained independence before this idea could be completed.

12. Story of Flats Ground 

The Flats Ground used to be a lake. In 1880, due to a significant landslide, vast chunks of the mountain surrounding the lake fell into the lake, affecting the temple. Therefore, the Naina Devi temple was relocated a few meters away on the lakeshore while the mountain remnants were converted into flat land.

13. An Ancestral Site 

In Nainital, several historical schools and colleges still stand strong. The British founded and built a majority of them to enroll their children and today some have been transformed into heritage organizations.

Diocesan Boys School, named Sherwood College and Philander Smith’s College, later changed the name to Hallett War School, but now Birla Vidya Mandir. The famous St. Joseph’s college of Nainital is a renowned day-boarding and residential school. The Irish Brothers built it in 1888, and the school completed its 125th anniversary in 2013.

The friendly hotels, known for their services, make Nainital among India’s most attractive tourist destinations. The two properties of Shivraj Stays – Hotel Shivraj & La Niwasa Resort offer a mesmerizing view of the lake and the surrounding hills.

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