Planning Your First Solo Trip? Here Are Our Top 4 Suggestions

Planning Your First Solo Trip? Here Are Our Top 4 Suggestions

A solo trip is the best way to know yourself better. We spend so much time finding out things about the people around us. Hence, a solo trip might be just what you need to find out something about yourself. Plus, who doesn’t need a break from the chaos of life? Read on to find out about the top 4 solo trip destinations in India. 



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Why Nainital? 

On top of our list, is Nainital. Nainital is of course a popular tourist destination. Thus, it seems like the kind of place you would visit with just your friends or family. Well, it is also the perfect solo trip destination. The biggest reason is simply its beauty. It has everything from serene lakes, to greenery and snow-capped mountains. That is what makes it the perfect destination to take a break from life and get close to nature. Also, since it is a popular destination, it is safe for solo travelers. You will be solo, yet not entirely isolated. 

What to do in Nainital? 

If you are a religious person, you can visit Naina Devi Temple or Hanuman Garhi in Bhimtal. For adventurous people, Nainital’s terrain is perfect for hiking, dirt biking, and other adventure sports. Also, Nainital is the perfect place to visit for a foodie. You can find tempting street food and restaurants there. Nainital’s vibrant local markets make it the perfect spot for shopping buffs.

Naina Devi Temple

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Where to stay? 

If you are looking for a comfortable yet luxurious stay, Shivraj Group of Hotels has some nice hotel options for you. Depending on your budget, you can pick one of our properties. We will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable stay. Our amenities make them the perfect choice. If you want to stay somewhere offbeat, you can also check out our property, The Acorn in Mangoli. If you are traveling on a shoestring budget, it will make things financially feasible for you.

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Why Pushkar?

If you want to travel to a place that’s sunny and culturally vibrant, Pushkar is perfect for you. It is a small town in Ajmer District in Rajasthan. Pushkar is popular amongst solo travelers as well. It is because of its rich culture. People are always mingling with each other. Especially, if you looking for a bit of a spiritual retreat, you must visit Pushkar. 

What to do in Pushkar? 

For a spiritual experience, you can visit the holy Pushkar Lake. There are also temples like the Savitri temple and Brahma temple that will add peace to your stay. The main purpose of a solo trip is often to find peace and calm. Hence, the best way to do that is to contribute to society. There are many NGOs in Pushkar like Narayan Sev Sansthan, Yuva Bharath Sansthan, and Moksha Old Age Home that you can volunteer at. The act of social service will help you make the most out of your trip. 

Where to stay in Pushkar? 

There are a lot of high-end resorts in Pushkar like Ananta Spa and Resorts. However, a hostel is the most effective way to travel solo. Not only is it financially feasible, but it is also a great way of mingling with a lot of different people. 



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Why Shillong? 

Shillong looks like a picture that is too good to be true. The hills are a beautiful moss-green, the temperature is perfect, and is drenched in its rich heritage and culture. The locals are extremely friendly. Hence, it is a safe space for solo travelers, even solo female travelers.

What to do in Shillong?

Shillong is a very versatile destination. It has something to offer everyone. If you are traveling there for the views, then think no further. Shillong is encompassed by lush green hills and beautiful lakes. You can boat around in the lake or you can take walks to enjoy the beauty of Shillong. Adventure buffs also have the option of adventure sports and trekking through the hills. Also, Shillong is a popular destination for music festivals. There are festivals for psychedelic music, Indie music, etc. Hence, there is something for everyone. 

Where to stay in Shillong? 

You can stay in luxury resorts like Orchid Lake Resort if that is your cup of tea. However, given how friendly the locals of Shillong our, we would recommend that you stay at homestays or an Airbnb. That will allow you to interact with the very welcoming community. 



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Why Manali? 

If your idea of a perfect vacation consists of snow, then Manali is the perfect destination for you. If you visit Manali from November- to January, you can enjoy its beautiful snowfall. The views in Manali during that time are simply breathtaking. There are white misty mountains all around you. It is so popular amongst tourists, that it is a safe spot. You are never too alone or isolated. It is also known as a backpacking destination. Thus, there will be a lot of other solo travelers with you. 

What to do in Manali?

The biggest attraction of Manali is its beauty. You can sit by waterfalls in Manali, and listen to the sound of water crashing onto the rocks. It is the most soothing thing you will ever hear. If you are looking for a spiritual experience, Manali has the best views to offer for a deep meditation session. Apart from that, there are temples, caves, and museums that you can visit for a more cultural experience. 

Where to stay in Manali? 

Since Manali is known to be a backpacker’s destination, there are plenty of hostels and co-living spaces that you can opt for. However, it is also known as a resort town. Thus, there are a lot of high-end resorts as well. Some options are Aloka Resort and The Anantmaya Resort. 

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Do you want in on a little secret? Our preferred destination is Nainital. It is because it is beautiful, yet the climate is easily adaptable. There is something to do for everyone. Also, Shivraj Group of Hotels has the best hotels for you to choose from. You can customize your trip according to your budget. Rest assured, your stay will be comfortable and beautiful. Think no further, Book Now! 

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