what to do in nainital? 7 famous treks near nainital

What to do in Nainital? 7 Famous Treks Near Nainital

Nainital, Uttarakhand’s lake district, is a magnificent hill station. The lake district is highly famous among tourists because it ensures that the visitors are mesmerized by its natural beauty and breathtaking views. It is the perfect getaway for those who wish to escape the hustling bustle of cities. Around the picturesque Naini Lake lies this town, a popular tourist destination.

Everyone from the northern states of India must have visited Nainital at least once as a young child. Even those who haven’t been to Uttarakhand’s lake district know its significance as a famous hill station among tourists.

With that said, young adventurers often believe that Nainital Valley does not offer many adventure activities. Most visitors believe that Nainital is mostly about boating on the Naini Jheel, strolling down the famed Mall Road, and admiring the valley scenery. However, this is way beyond the truth for those willing to go the extra mile searching for adventure. The beautiful town of Nainital very well caters to adventure junkies because it offers the best trekking tours. The adventurers should think about preparing a daring encounter at one of the treks around Nainital listed below for a thrilling journey.

1. Tiffin’s Top

Taking a trip on the Nainital ropeway is a must-do thing in Nainital. The trolley ride on the ropeway carries visitors to Tiffin’s Top, also referred to as Dorothy’s Peak. The ride is not an adventurous experience because it only offers a spectacular view of the mountain city and its surroundings. 

Visitors who wish to add a little adventure to their trip to Tiffin’s Top should take an alternate route that includes a short trek to the peak’s summit. The trek begins from the center of Nainital city. The Tiffin’s Top Trek near Nainital is perfect for people with all interests and fitness levels. Most importantly, the trek goes through lush green forests and awe-inspiring views that will give the adventure junkies excellent company throughout the walk.

Moreover, for Bollywood enthusiasts, the view from the top offers a pleasant surprise. One can spot a storybook (Bollywood) mountain school from the top. Hrithik Roshan’s character in Koi Mil Gaya attended this school.  Anyone who finds the climb too strenuous can alternatively take a relaxing horse ride to the summit.

Altitude: 2292 Meters

Distance: 4 Kilometer

Difficulty Level: Easy/Beginner

2. Naini Peak-Pangot Trek

The Naini Peak and Pankgot treks near Nainital are well-known trekking routes. It is the perfect two-day trip for trekking enthusiasts and adventure junkies. The hike begins in Mallital, Nainital, and continues up the famed Snow View hill to Naini Peak or China Peak.

Reaching 2611 meters, Naini Peak provides a breathtaking sight of the picturesque Nainital town, the gigantic Naina Devi Shrine, and the adjacent Himalayan mountains.

You will reach the alpine town of Pangot after a few hours of hiking and traversing a distance of around 14 km. Most people stop in this area to relax before returning to Nainital the following day. With its abundant flora and fauna, Pangot is famous for its bird-watching activities. Toss in breathtaking sunsets, and you have the ideal setting for camping and enjoying a peaceful night after a long journey.

There is an alternate way back to Nainital, which goes through Kilbury. While the trek is more tricky to deal with, the beautiful scenery makes the extra effort worth it.

Altitude: 2611 Meters

Distance: 14 Kilometers

Difficulty Level: Easy

3. Kunjkharak Trek

Travelers looking for an offbeat experience near Nainital must not miss the unique Kunjkharak Trek. KunjKharak is a jungle trek rather than a mountain trek. Moreover, the place is relatively untouched compared to nearby tourist spots like the Jim Corbett National Park and Nainital. 

The trek begins from Pangot, a 40 mins drive from Nainital. The journey usually takes about three days. The Kunjkharak hike brings visitors through lush woods of deodar, rhododendron, and oak. The bulk of the hike is a downward hike on the plains. One section of the climb parallels the Kosi river, which provides an excellent opportunity for hikers to relax and re-energize. 

While the Kunjkharak trek near Nainital goes through the hamlets of Domas and Kumeria but the route has only a few shops. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring water, food, and other basics with you to avoid being hungry during the journey.

Altitude: 1343 Meters

Distance: 36 Kilometers

Difficulty Level: Moderate

4. Brahmatal Trek 

Brahmatal, a lake steeped in folklore, lies nestled in the depths of the Himalayas. Winter sweeps alluringly across the slopes, making Brahmatal one of the rare Himalayan trekking destinations between December and March. 

Tourists are drawn to the Brahmatal trek near Nainital for several reasons. The primary reasons include varied landscapes, from deep and shady oak and rhododendron woods to snow-covered fields, lakeside camping at Bekaltal, the mountainous Brahmatal lake region, and a critical glimpse of fantastic high peaks gleaming across a beautiful sky. From Brahmatal, the Garhwal snowline view is unique because the snowcapped mountains of Mounts Nanda Ghunti and Trishul are seldom visible at a low-lying elevation like the Brahmatal Trek.

The hiking trail is beginner-friendly and less-seasoned hikers because of its gradually climbing rocky slopes. The hike consumes a large portion of the time beneath forest cover, which reduces the possibility of altitude sickness. Nonetheless, the climb does not deprive tourists of an exhilarating winter experience, complete with the lovely serene snowfall. The Brahmatal trek path is a magnificent trail captured in a total whiteout, the depthless calm inside the canopy of rhododendrons and oaks, and frozen over lake water faces.

The composition of the trek comprises diverse frames stretching from white-gold high peaks in alpenglow to snow-laden forests and a desolate alpine mountain-scape of a lone tree standing on icy shores of the Brahmatal Lake. 

Altitude: 3734 Meters

Distance: 5 Kilometers

Difficulty Level: Easy

5. Guano Hills

A trip to Guano Hills, located 1800 meters above sea level, is ideal for escaping the maddening crowds and noise. Those who have spent sufficient time in Nainital’s crowds are welcome to revisit the Guano Hill trek for a rejuvenation in peace. Guano Hills replace the crazy sounds and traffic jams with a symphony of chirping birds as a bird-watching paradise.

Guano Hills is considered a hiker’s paradise. It is one of the several must-visit places for tourists visiting the lake town of Nainital because of the sounds of birds chirping combined with the enchanting forest that contains bamboo, oak, and deodar trees.

Pangot Village is the starting point for the hike to Guano Hills. However, tourists are only permitted to hike between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. As a result, it is recommended that you plan your day meticulously to enjoy the tour to the scenic mountains.

Altitude: 1800 Meters

Distance: 5-6 Kilometers

Difficulty Level: Easy

6. Land’s End

Land’s End is the perfect example of a place with a great name and the most soothing view of the mountain valley. The Land’s End hike is among the most gratifying in the neighborhood. Land’s End Peak, as the name suggests, is practically where the land ceases. There are a few hundred meters long desolation beyond the peak. As a result, it provides a magnificent view of the Himalayas, gorges, and lakes. The breathtaking views from the trail and the mountain make it an excellent place to go hiking for a day or two to picnic with your family.

The trek’s relatively small distance makes it perfect for adventure seekers short on time. Horse riding to Land’s End is available, as are various day treks commencing in Nainital. While they are appealing, it is preferable to take a walk to appreciate mother nature’s grandeur. 

Altitude: 2118 Meters

Distance: 4 Kilometers

Difficulty Level: Easy

7. Snow View Peak

Snow View Peak is yet another day trek that delivers on what its name implies. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations around Nainital for several reasons.

The Snow View Peak features a charming cluster of shrines at the top and provides a spectacular view of the neighboring mountain ranges and valleys. Those atop the peak can see places as far away as 350 kilometers on a clear day. 

Even though the hike only covers three kilometers, travelers frequently describe it as challenging. Therefore, beginners need to prepare themselves with the proper footwear and mindset.

While visiting Snow View Peak, it is critical to keep a close eye on the weather forecast. As a result of undesirable weather, the trek is more dangerous, but the views surrounding the otherwise stunning peak are also dulled.

Altitude: 2270 Meters

Distance: 3 Kilometers

Difficulty Level: Easy

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The Bottom Line 

In short, Nainital is every travelers’ paradise because it offers something for every kind of tourist. Although other well-known parts of Nainital tourism, such as shopping, tiny mountain homestays, and opulent hotels, are featured, adventure seekers generally ignore the hill station. However, it is the perfect destination for adventurous travelers because it is relatively unexplored. Therefore, hikes and treks near Nainital can provide visitors with the sense of solitude they seek when visiting the hills.

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