4 Must-Try Street Foods in Nainital

4 MUST-TRY Street Foods in Nainital That You Can’t Afford to Miss

A trip to Nainital would be incomplete without indulging in its must-try street foods. The delectable cuisine here perfectly complements the stunning views of the region. If you’re planning a visit to this enchanting hill station, make sure to save this list of unmissable street foods in Nainital!

Heaven for Momo Lovers: Momos in Nainital

For momo enthusiasts, Nainital offers a delightful experience, especially at Sonam Fast Food, where the vegetarian momos are often described as “melt-in-your-mouth” delicious. Located in the bustling Tibetan Market, it’s an ideal stop during a shopping spree. For non-vegetarian momo fans, numerous small kiosks in the market will satisfy your cravings. The market is renowned for its delectable Indo-Chinese street food, and one plate of momos will leave you wanting more!


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Comfort Food Extraordinaire: Maggi in Nainital

No hill station trip is complete without savoring a warm bowl of Maggi. This comfort food perfectly matches the cozy vibe of Nainital. Mall Road is lined with small kiosks offering amazing Maggi, making it a perfect stop during a breezy evening walk. The picturesque Naini Lake adds to the charm of the experience. For the best Maggi in town, head to Nescafe Maggi Point near Sitaldevi Mandir on Nainital Road. This quaint spot serves not only great Maggi but also excellent coffee and other snacks. Maggi lovers, this is a must-visit!

Maggi in Nainital

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The Hill Station Favorite: Bun Tikki in Nainital

Bun Tikki, often called the Indian version of the traditional burger, is another hill station staple you must try. It’s delicious, warm, and incredibly satisfying. While many small shops sell Bun Tikki, Neeru’s Restaurant in Tallital stands out for its exceptional taste. Known for its consistency and flavor, Neeru’s Bun Tikki is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Make sure to stop by and enjoy this delicious treat to complete your Nainital adventure.

Bun Tikki in Nainital

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Nainital’s Quintessential Snack: Samosas

Samosas are a beloved snack across India, and Nainital’s samosas are no exception. At Saraswati Restaurant on Bara Bazar Road, you can enjoy some of the best samosas along with a variety of Indian sweets and snacks. Amidst the chilly breeze of Nainital, a piping hot samosa is the perfect companion. Don’t miss out on this quintessential Indian snack during your visit.


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