Discover top Myths Nainital

Discover top myths about Nainital

When we visit new places, we often think of them in certain ways: some places seem good for families, others for friends, and some for solo travelers. But have you ever thought about how these ideas might change your travel experience and make you miss the true essence of a place?

India is a top destination for tourists, known for its rich culture and varied landscapes. The country offers many different places to visit in every direction. From the snowy mountains of Jammu and Kashmir to the busy city of Mumbai, the unique tastes of Kolkata, and the coffee of Tamil Nadu in the south, India is full of experiences, with great hotels and exciting activities.

However, this diverse country also has many top myths. How do you know what is true and what is not?


According to Hindu mythology, three sages—Atri, Pulaha, and Pulasya—created Nainital, the land of Tririshi Sarovar, by meditating and forming a lake here. These myths around Nainital are in the Manas Khand of the Skanda Purana.


The Naini Devi Temple is very important in Hinduism. The myth around this temple is when Lord Shiva was carrying Devi Sati’s charred body, Lord Narayan scattered her remains. Her eyes fell on Nainital, giving the town its name.


Another legend says that after a lot of devoted worship (tapasya) to Lord Brahma, a small temple was created near KMVN House. Locals believe that walking around the lake (parikrama) earns Lord Brahma’s blessings.


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These top myths about Nainital suggest that seeing all nine corners of the lake at once grants Nirvana, freedom from the cycle of birth and death. No one has done this yet, but those who try and succeed are said to achieve Nirvana.

NOW, many places in Nainital don’t have anything to do with religious backgrounds and are made for tourists to go and relax. One is the Eco Cave Garden, which offers glimpses of the ecology and architectural structure. Unlike other cities, Nanital zoos are located atop of mountain peaks.

The city also provides stargazing, planetary movements, shopping at Tibetan street markets, wildlife sanctuaries, and so much more.

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