9 Must-try local dishes in Nainital

9 Must-try local dishes in Nainital – Part 2

We are continuing our two-part article about Nainital’s must-try local dishes in this second part. No trip is complete without exploring the rich and traditional cuisine of the destination. When in Nainital, make sure to eat these delectable meals with a blast of flavors and the lasting taste of real herbs and spices that provide a sense of the traditional delicacies. Rice and roti are staples of Nainital cuisine, frequently complemented by various chutneys. If you prefer trying different things, you may taste the native recipes at any restaurant in Nainital. 

Listed below are a few of Nainital’s most delicious dishes –

1. Aloo Tamatar Ka Jhol 

Aloo Tamatar ka Jhol is a highly tempting blend of incredible aroma and mouth-watering flavors. Therefore, the dish stands out in the Pahadi spread. In addition to its deliciousness, this dish is distinguished by its quick cooking time. After a strenuous trek, this simple yet well-known Uttarakhandi dish would undoubtedly revive you.

2. Bun Tikki

Bun Tikki is the Indian equivalent of hamburgers. It is a fusion dish consisting of aloo Tikki with burger buns. It is popular street food in the area enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.  We recommend stopping by Lakshmi Restaurant in Mallital to relish the delicious flavor of freshly made bun tikkis.

3. Black and White Roti

Wheat flour and mandua flour are used to make a form of filled roti famous in Northern India. To make the dough, both flours are combined in a particular ratio, then shaped into parathas and topped with a large serving of desi ghee or butter.

4. Arsa

Arsa is a popular dessert at important events such as family reunions, weddings, and festivals. The main ingredients are mustard oil, jaggery, and rice. It’s also a nutritious dish because it utilizes jaggery and mustard oil instead of processed versions.

5. Bhang Ki Chutney

Because Uttarakhand is a hilly location, it has a diverse range of cuisine preferences. Bhang ki Chutney is one such that delivers a tangy tamarind taste. It’s a delectable sauce consisting of a variety of spices and ingredients. The flavor of the Bhang ki Chutney complements the Pahadi cuisine, leaving you spellbound.

6. Phaanu

Phaanu, a complex of many lentils, is a popular savory in Uttarakhand. To bring an authentic taste to the recipe, it is essential to soak the lentils overnight and then blend them before cooking. Phaanu is a soupy meal eaten primarily with rice. The dish promises to create a spell on your taste buds.

7. Kandalee Ka Saag

Kandalee Ka Saag has piquant aromatic spices that give the dish an exquisite flavor. It also contains essential vitamins that boost the immune system. Kandalee Ka Saag is a leafy green vegetable similar to other green vegetables. However, its major component, Bichhu Ghas, separates it from other comparable recipes.

8. Jhangora Ki Kheer

Jhangora ki Kheer is a sweet Garhwali dish with a fantastic fragrance. Locals, like all Indians, finish their every meal with this sweet dish. Its primary component, Millet, distinguishes it as a popular state recipe. Jhangora ki Kheer has a rich texture because milk is the major component. It is also extremely rich in nutrients. 

9. Kumaoni Raita

Kumaoni Raita is a mandatory dish in every meal in Uttarakhand cuisine. The ingredients of the dish are yogurt, turmeric, and cucumber. While the constituents help keep you healthy, it’s the exquisite flavor that keeps you coming back for more.

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When visiting Nainital, you should prepare ahead of time where you want to go and what you want to see. But don’t forget to try the delicious foods and Hotels in Nainital to round off your trip and learn more about the Pahadi culture! Make sure that you book a room in Hotel Shivraj, La Niwasa Resort or Swiss Hotel Nainital to avoid the rush during the tourist season so you can enjoy your vacations thoroughly!

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